Biblical Leadership in Nursing

This course is designed for three levels of leadership development. It focuses on the professional leader, the clinical leader at the point of care, and leadership skills at a personal level. It may be used in one or all levels of training. A Bible study is provided at the end of each module to be used either individually or with groups.

Values-Based Teacher

The course is designed to help nurses or midwives who have either taken or are planning to take the IICN courses in order to teach others, to have an understanding of the fundamentals of Christian values in teaching and learning.

Saline Process Training the Trainer (SPTTT)

The SPTTT course, developed by IHS Global, is designed to prepare nurses and other healthcare workers to teach the SPWT course. Candidates for this course must have already completed the SPWT course and have demonstrated a lifestyle of living as a witness. They should be able to commit to not only teaching the course, but also investing in on-going follow-up with those they have taught.

Faith Community Nursing

This course provides spiritual care in the faith community as well as the broader community. The goals of FCN are the protection, promotion and optimizing of health and abilities; the prevention of illness and injury; facilitation of healing and alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human responses; and advocacy in the context of the values, beliefs, and practice of a faith community.

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