NCFI aims to extend God’s kingdom through nurses worldwide. We’d love for you to join with us – in prayer, in action and in giving.

Giving to NCFI

Christian nurses in over thirty nations are involved in caring, teaching, training and communicating the good news of Jesus in deed and word.

 Our ministry is supported by the giving of faithful nurses like you. A gift of $20 will cover the costs of a training manual for a nurse on our leadership course. $50 will pay for the training of one nurse on our International Saline Process course on being an effective witness in the workplace.

$10 a month will sponsor one nurse from a new and emerging fellowship to attend our World Congress. This is held every four years and will enable that nurse to be trained and supported getting a new Christian nurses group running in her/his country.

 You can give to our general funds through the PayPal donate button on this page, or you can contact the treasurer for details of other ways to give, either as a one-off or on a regular basis via the ‘contact the treasurer’ form on this page.

Ways you can give to NCFI

NCFI General Fund covers the administrative costs of running all NCFI’s work. It includes running regular international teleconferences for all NCFI’s working groups; maintaining and developing the NCFI website; design and layout of NCFI’s bi-annual journal, Christian Nurse International; the maintenance and development of the NCFI database; the coordination of regular email newsletters, etc.

Giving to Special Projects

Apart from gifts to the General Fund, ninety percent of all you give will go directly to the area you choose; NCFI will apply a ten per cent administrative charge to cover core costs of the administration and running of this project.

Conference Assistance Fund

The backbone of NCFI’s work is our regular program of regional and global conferences. These allow Christian nurses to meet each other across national and regional boundaries for mutual learning, support and spiritual encouragement. 

To allow equal access the nurses from all nations and all backgrounds, we run a sponsorship program to help cover some of the costs of attending for nurses from more resource-poor countries.  We also aim to raise support for NCFI Regions  needing financial assistance for the technology (digital platforms and apps) needed for their regional conferences.  

This assistance via sponsorships and technology is vital to keeping NCFI a truly inclusive, global fellowship. Sponsorship awards include the cost of accommodation and conference fees – not flights, visas or other related expenses.


Donate Today!

Click the donate button to open Paypal, then select from the options available to donate to the general fund, or your chosen division!

Contact the Treasurer

International Institute for Christian Nursing (IICN)

The IICN develops, publicises, runs and regulates a range of professional development courses to build skills among Christian nurses, including values-based training skills, leadership, spiritual care, faith community nursing, etc. 

These courses are developed by leading academics and in collaboration with international partner organisations, and delivered nationally, as well as at regional and international conferences. 

This fund pays for course development, travel and sponsorships, registration and validation of courses, and the costs of maintaining the leadership team of the IICN.

NCFI Connections

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