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Saline Process Training the Trainer (SPTTT)

The SPTTT course, developed by IHS Global, is designed to prepare nurses and other healthcare workers to teach the SPWT course. Candidates for this course must have already completed the SPWT course and have demonstrated a lifestyle of living as a witness. They should be able to commit to not only teaching the course, but also investing in on-going follow-up with those they have taught.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the course, learners should be able to:

  1. Explain how to plan and prepare to conduct an SPWT course.
  2. Describe key concepts and content for each section of the SPWT course.
  3. Participate in a Patient Journey role-play and engage SPWT participants in this learning strategy.
  4. Demonstrate how to accurately teach sections of course content.

Learning Strategies

During the SPTTT, learners will participate in group discussions, presentations, a role-play, and also a demonstration of teaching Saline Process concepts.


13 hours of course

Next Course Offering

Varies globally in location and language. Please contact Carol Rowley ( for more information about opportunities for participating in this course.

Lead Faculty

Carol Rowley RN, PhD
NCFI Global Saline Coordinator

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