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Next Generation NCFI

The NG forum exists to promote active engagement of early career and student nurses in the NCFI Regions, and to encourage them in their daily life as Christian nurses or students.  It was formed at the 2012 NCFI World Congress in Chile

NCFI Next Generation (NG) representatives

serving God through serving students and nurses around the world!

Through the NG Forum, students and young nurses/midwifes can join a monthly prayer group online to meet other students and young nurses/midwives from all over the world. Some have met through NCFI’s conferences or congresses, and others have never met each other face to face, but still they gather online and pray together

.Students and young nurses/midwives can find the NG contact person for each region  here on the NCFI website and learn more about who they are and how they work.  So far NG Representatives have been appointed for Europe and Latin America.  Soon we hope to have representative for each of the other four NCFI regions Caribbean and North America (CANA), Africa, Pacific and East Asia (PACEA), and South Asia and Middle East (SAME)

NG representative for Latin America

Josseline Sepúlveda Sarabia

Nurse, Department of Patient Safety and Quality, Dr. Hernán Henríquez Aravena Hospital, CHILE

Josseline writes…. Dear Christian Nurses, what a joy to see how God is present in our profession and allows us to reach more nurses in the world.  That God has had mercy to allow me to be part of this is so beautiful.  I hope for strength and wisdom to be able to communicate with other nurses in these times of so much rebellion.

You can reach me at:    

NG Representative for Europe

Camilla Kaltoft, Nursing Student, University College Lillebealt, Denmark

Camilla writes…I have joined the monthly NCFI Care & Prayer meeting. It has been a blessing.  The world is so small and the NCFI family so big!

Camilla is hoping to be at the CANA Region Conference in July and meet up with NGs from that region.  You can contact her at:


NG Representative for PACEA

Felicia Yu-Chi Lee.

Felicia is a national Committee member of the Taiwan Evangelical Nurses Fellowship

To contact Felicia, email to



NG Representative for SAME

 Ms. Sudha Timalsina,

Sudha is a 1st year nursing student from Hetauda, Makawanpur district of Nepal.

To contact Sudha, email

Are you a Christian nursing student or young nurse/midwife, and interested in becoming an NG representative in your region?  Open the Download more information about this role and email


Monthly online prayer meeting where we share life, thoughts around spiritual care, our nursing experiences and prayer-requests. The event is announced on our Facebook account.  Learn more by joining us on our Facebook  NCFI NG – A prayer group connecting early career and student nurses worldwide.

Our Vision

We pray that NG nurses seek God’s vision and take initiatives in expanding the NG network around the world