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In this area you will find a range of free resources, including Connections  the NCFI Newsletter,  NCFI Cares devotionals for nurses, quarterly Prayer Guides, and a devotional book, CARES Reflections for Nurses

General Resources

NCFI Cares Devotionals

Please download and view samples of the range of devotionals from NCFI. To receive them bi-monthly by email you can register below.

NCFI Cares-1-May 2024-Our Soul Waits on the Lord, Again

NCFI Cares-2-march 2924-The Gift of Death

NCFI Cares-1-February 2024 : Blessed to be a Blessing

NCFI Cares -2-January 2024-The Lord that Feels

NCFI cares-1-January 2024-A Call to be Faithful Stewards

NCFI-Care-1-December-2023-The Holy Family

NCFI-Cares-1-November-2023: Finish the Year Strong

NCFI Cares-1-October-2023-Following in the Footsteps of Jesus

NCFI cares-1-September-2023-Joshua’s Last Leadership Tip: Unfinished Business

NCFI Cares 1-August 2023- Joshua’s Leadership : Reflect on Your Successes!

NCFI Cares 1-July 2023- Joshua’s Leadership : Ask for the ImpossibleNCFI Cares

NCFI-Care-June-2023: Joshua’s Leadership and blind humility

NCFI Cares-1-May-2023-Joshua’s Leadership Tip #8 Contentment: A Battle Strategy


View a range of NCFI brochures.


NCFI Connections will keep you up to date with the latest NCF news from around the world.  Conference and Congress updates will be featured, as well as news and reports from the NCFI Regions. It will also point you to resources to be found on the websites of NCFI and NCFI Regions.  The publication has been upgraded to enable quality print outs if needed.


View a range of NCFI brochures.

Prayer Guides

These prayer guides are a call to prayer for God’s protection in every place, and to trust in Him with our lives. Let us stand with our brothers and sisters in the different places in this world. God can reach them where and when no one else can – Pastoral Prayer and Care Committee.  Please download and view our latest Prayer Guide from NCFI.  If you would like to receive these quarterly prayer guides by email, kindly click the button below.


NCFI Prayer Guide January to March 2024

NCFI Quarterly Prayer Guide October to December 2023

NCFI Quarterly Prayer Guide July-September 2023

NCFI Quarterly Prayer Guide April- June 2023

NCFI Quarterly Prayer Guide January-March 2023

NCFI Quarterly Prayer Guide: April-June 2022

NCFI Quarterly Prayer Guide -January-March 2022

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