Pacific And East Asia

 The Pacific And East Asia (PACEA) Region is the largest NCFI Region, having 13 NCFI Member Countries.

Spread throughout East Asia and the Pacific, this region is diverse, with many cultural differences. Despite this, national NCFs in the region have found much in common and have maintained close ties. The links that were formed when this first NCFI region was established in 1970 have been strengthened by regular conferences each four years, and additional conferences for national staff and leaders. 

Virtual meetings on the ZOOM platform on alternate months have strengthened the bond among Regional Committee members. God’s work, and NCF issues are shared and prayed about at each meeting, which are always well-attended.

Member Countries

Australia, Fiji, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.   We pray that Christian nurses from more countries in this vast geographical region will join the NCFI family in the years to come, leveraging on the exploding info-comm enabled communications. 

Alicia Banas

Regional Chair


NCFA was one of the founding members of NCFI in 1957. It began in 1913, at the Royal Melbourne hospital. From early 1920’s it was a state-based organisation, with oversight by a national executive.  In April 2017 we became a nationally administered organisation. The mission of NCFA is to reach and teach nurses and midwives to become disciples of Jesus Christ in the nursing and midwifery professions, helping them to integrate their Christian faith with clinical practice, education and research.

Our activities include holding professional workshops and conferences on health and nursing related issues from a Christian perspective, producing a publication – Faith in Practice, having informal  fellowship gatherings, and conducting Saline Process Witness Training courses in collaboration with Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia (CMDFA).



NCF Fiji is an interdenominational body, open to student and Registered Nurses.

It aims to: encourage nurses to accept Jesus Christ as personal saviour and Lord, live as His disciples;  promote the growth in personal faith and love;  promote Christian fellowship among nurses; encourage nurses to apply the Christian faith to nursing practice; help nurses to develop Christian attitudes to the social concerns that affect health; and encourage members to be involved in Christian missionary activities.

President, Mrs Mereani Tukana

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Christian Nurses Fellowship, referred to as HKNCF, was established on January 13, 1960. It joined the Hong Kong Christian Student Gospel Fellowship in 1968 and became a member; and in 1986 joined Christian Nurses Fellowship International.

Its goals were to: arouse and enhance the spirituality and communication between Christian nurses and medical staff, and be able to witness God in their posts; promote the meaning of “holistic care”; encourage and help group members to work faithfully and share the gospel with patients; discuss medical ethics from a Christian perspective, and serve the society in the spirit of Christ; and to liaise with and support Christian groups that are consistent with this fellowship.


Indonesia-Nurses Christian Fellowship, or Persekutuan Perawat Kristen Indonesia (PERWAKIN) as it is known in Indonesia, was established on December 8, 2003 as a Bible-based professional organization for Christian nurses in Indonesia. Our purpose is to spread the gospel of Christ’s love and Christian values through professional nursing care. Perwakin was established to strengthen unity and empower Christian nurses to assist in healthy growth and promote the Christ-centered professionalism of Christian nurses in Indonesia. Currently, we have two active chapters: Banten and Central Java.


Japan Nurses Christian Fellowship (JNCF) started in 1982 after Chieko Fukushima went to the USA to study nursing, and experienced care from Christian nurses. Returning to Japan by God’s calling, she too started to care for nurses. As a result, Japan NCF grew into 16 groups and became a member of NCFI in 1992; in recent years, the younger nurses (Next Generation) have actively participated in NCFI Congresses.

Aiming to bring God’s love and His glory in caring for the whole person, JNCF helps nursing students and professionals integrate Christian faith and nursing through Bible study and prayer. JNCF rejoices together, acknowledging God’s grace and His faithfulness in monthly newsletters, daily prayer lists, and monthly online fellowship and prayer meetings. JNCF plans for its 36th annual conference on ZOOM in November and a Faith Community Nursing seminar in February.

President: Chieko Fukishima

New Zealand

NCFNZ operates as a national and international professional organisation with regional “Nourish A Nurse” events, national newsletters and zoom fellowship meetings, including a regular Trans Tasman Zoom Fellowship with our Australian NCF friends.  NCFNZ hosts regular Saline Process Witness Training courses often in conjunction with Christian Medical Fellowship NZ and Healthcare Fellowship NZ.  Our regions are expanding and a national committee provides support to regional members who wish to establish local events and networks.  Student membership is invited and all healthcare workers join in with our activities.  We are excited about what God is doing through NCF and our beautiful country. 


Mongolia joined NCFI as a member country in 2020. It is a small fellowship with a vision to bring God’s love and healing to Mongolians through nursing. NCF Mongolia works primarily in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. We usually meet once a month for fellowship and teaching. We are increasingly using social media as a means to encourage and stay connected with one another. Members are also invited to meet together in small groups for Bible study. NCF Mongolia has been active in teaching and participating in the Saline Process trainings along with the local ICMDA and HCFI fellowships.  They are the most recent PACEA country NCF to become a member of NCFI.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Nurses Christian Fellowship (PNGNCF) began in 1993, following the 1992 Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) world conference in Fiji. Margaret Street, an international board member of NCFI was instrumental in establishing PNGNCF. Bing Titus, was elected as the first president in 1993 and served in that role for 25 years.

There are approximately 1,000 members nationally, and a national committee, run by volunteer leaders. Since 1996, national and regional conferences have been held biannually. In the four regions,150-plus attend, and at the national conferences, 200 to 300.

Nurses involved in NCF leadership develop their leadership skills and often pursue leadership roles in their nursing careers. NCF is generally well acknowledged by the profession, and at nursing symposiums nurses are afforded opportunities to take the spiritual lead in morning devotions prior to the main programs.

More about NCF in PNG


Nurses Christian Fellowship Philippines, Inc. (NCFP) started as a student ministry of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) among nursing students in the 1950’s. It has become an autonomous ministry of IVCF, and now registered as a professional nursing organization, and as a professional interest group of the Philippine Nurses Association. The NCFP has been involved in developing nursing students and professional nurses to be caring, compassionate, and competent Christian nurses and leaders in different fields of nursing and even in non-nursing institutions.  NCFP’s tagline, “There is no holistic nursing care without spiritual care,” embodies the application and integration of our faith in nursing practice, education, leadership, and research.

President: Fely Marilyn Elegardo-Lorenzo
Nurses Christian Fellowship Philippines, Inc. 
16 London Street, Capitol Homes, Quezon City.


Singapore Nurses Christian Fellowship (SNCF) is as an interdenominational organization with the motto “ One in Christ”. It was inaugurated on 18 Oct 1960 by our first President Eileen J Kuhn, a missionary nurse from the United States. SNCF is also one of the 7 Foundation Members of St Luke’s Hospital. 
SNCF is existing to strengthen Christian life and witness within the Nursing profession. Our focus is to assist nurses to relate their faith to their profession. As nursing landscape continues to evolve in Singapore, SCNF needs God’s grace and wisdom to search out novel ways to connect and to engage with younger nurses who face different challenges both spiritually and professionally.

As a Christian organization we hope the fellowship can continue to exist as “a wellspring of God’s love”, nurturing these nurses’ spiritual health and equipping them to be effective witnesses for Him wherever they are placed. Our common activities include: monthly prayer meeting, professional seminars and conferencessocial-get-togethersoutreach activities and community projects.

President: Ms Alice Phua
Website: Singapore Nurses Christian Fellowship 
Facebook @ Singapore Nurses’ Christian Fellowship (SNCF)



The Malaysian Nurses Christian Fellowship (MNCF) is an inter-denominational fellowship founded in 1961 to unite all Christians in the nursing profession in Malaysia. It is a registered society run by an executive committee. The work of the Fellowship is maintained on a faith basis and is dependent solely on the gifts and prayers of its members and friends. Nurses, whether practicing or retired, and student nurses may join as members of MNCF.

Its aims are:

  • To lead others to a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To encourage the spiritual growth and effective witness of its members.
  • To promote Christian principles and values in nursing.
  • To form and strengthen NCF groups.
  •  To support nurses in full-time Christian service.

South Korea

Korea joined NCFI as a member country in 1988. KNCF was founded in 1967 for nurses (Education and Practice) and nursing students. Our ministry is to enable them to recognize that they themselves need to be nursed by God’s Word and prayer before nursing others. In their daily lives which are like a warfield, we are helping them to recover from being defeated soldiers to mighty warriors and live as a channel of salvation by integrating nursing and faith.

Currently, we are not able to gather offline due to the pandemic, so we are using a different form of ministry for the next generation to rise up in the post Corona era. We have online Prayer Meetings each week along with Daily Bible Reading groups through SNS. In January 2021, new board members will be chosen.


NEF is an independent, non-profit evangelical organisation, dependent on God’s providence by faith. Uses faith and professional skills to network the resources of Christian nurses to spread the Gospel. Both nursing ethics and medical mission are discussed and supported, based on Biblical doctrines.

PO Box 13-203.  Taipei, Taiwan

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PACEA was a pilot for NCFI Regional work.  The Region was was developed by Blanche Lindsay an Australian staff worker who was also a member of the NCFI Executive at that time.  She was appointed as PACEA Coordinator and organised the first PACEA conference which was, held in Singapore in 1970.  The regional work was developed further  by the appointment of a regional staff worker, Naty Lopez of the Philippines.  She worked with a small committee drawn from countries in the region. During those years there was rapid growth in the region as further national groups were formed and became members of NCFI.  

A Regional Committee comprising representatives from each member country in the region was formed and Regional Coordinators  (now known as Regonal Chairs) were appointed to lead the regional work.  A committee has been elected each four years at a Forum held during the Regional Conference. 

First PACEA Conference, Singapore 1970
Blanche Lindsay, First Regional Coordinator at PACEA Conference 1970

Past Events

NCFI PACEA Regional Conference


28-29 October 2022

Excellence in Nursing:
A Christ Centered Response
The Being and the Doing

KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Dr. Anne Biro, President of NCFI.
BIBLE TEACHER: Rev. Dr. Andrew Sloane, Principal, Baptist Theological College, Sydney Australia.

Conference website

Registrered Conference attendees can access the conference website to view videos of sessions until 20 February 2023.

PACEA Conference, 2018

Nurses and nursing students from countries throughout the Pacific and East Asia were equipped and strengthened spiritually and professionally for leadership and involvement in difficult times. Nurses from  countries represented had in recent times faced significant challenges, such as natural and human disasters, political upheaval, challenging conditions in nursing and health care, opposition and restrictions to expression of Christian faith. A selection of personal narratives by nurses highlighted this and supplemented the messages of the Keynote speakers. 

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