Caribbean and North America

Christian Nurses in the Caribbean and North America enjoy an increasingly collaborative relationship in networking and planning 

The NCFI CANA Region began to lay a solid foundation when its first member country, NCF USA, joined NCFI in 1970. Since that time, four Americans have provided leadership as NCFI Presidents. In 1996, NCF Canada joined NCFI. Since that time both countries have enjoyed an increasingly collaborative relationship in networking, planning Regional Conferences; being a voice in the Nursing profession from a clearly Christian Worldview. Current and future initiatives include (i) Spiritual Care Workshops  (ii) Leadership Development (iii) Regional Conferences (iv) Training Health professionals through the Saline Process course and (V) Collectively and intentionally waiting upon our awesome God for His leading and blessing.

Member Countries and Contacts

National Nurses Christian Fellowships currently function in the following countries in CANA: Canada, Haiti, and United States of America.  We have contacts in several other Caribbean countries and new Fellowships are being encouraged.


A ministry of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), Canada. NCFC seeks to help nurses and nursing students know Christ and make Him known. 

NCF has a special mission to nurses – to encourage them in total vocational commitment within God’s kingdom, focusing on the five objectives of IVCF:

  1. Evangelism – witnessing to the need for personal faith in Jesus Christ
  2. Spiritual Development – through Bible study, prayer and fellowship
  3. Love – demonstrated in the name of Christ
  4. Truth – integrated and applied in both personal and professional life
  5. Global mission – obedient involvement in Christ’s mission worldwide

National Coordinator Canada.  email:


Nurses Christian Fellowship Haiti is a Christian Association formed to enable nurses, to influence the quality of professional nursing practice through active expression of the love of Jesus Christ our Savour; to support colleagues in time of need; and to pray; educate and to inspire others to have faith in Jesus Christ and help build a healthy, just and peaceful society. Haiti has ten departments, and our aim is to put an office in each department.


NCF is based in the USA and provides a local, regional, national and international network for Christian nursing. Local groups meet for prayer, Bible study, mutual encouragement and outreach. NCF staff and volunteers provide mentoring, vision for ministry and help to establish campus and area-wide chapters.

NCF USA produces the Journal of Christian Nursing, a very popular publication that has subscribers from around the world.

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CANA at Missionfest

In 2019, for the 3rd consecutive year, the NCFI CANA Region in partnership with NCF Canada, hosted a Booth at Missionfest Vancouver in the Convention Centre. The Booth was managed by Phyllis  Ferrier, CANA Regional Chair and Fronica Yiu, Secretary Treasurer of NCF Canada.

Missionfest Vancouver is an annual Mission Conference with thousands of attendees from both Canada, the USA, and beyond. It provided a unique window of  opportunity to promote the 2020 Congress at Colorado Christian University, and to recruit  members for local NCF Canada groups on the West Coast. However, surpassing these benefits was the wonderful opportunity for very meaningful dialogue regarding the privilege and responsibility of integrating faith in Jesus with practice. What an amazing time we spent interacting with Nursing students,  Nurses,  Educators, and others etc. We experienced a deep sense of God’s presence with us at the Booth.

Phyllis Ferrier and Fronica You promote CNCF and NCFI at Missionfest

Pamela Cone

Regional Chair
Regional Chair

Goals for the Region 2020 -2022 

Over this period we aim to:

  • encourage and strengthen our newest chapter, NCF-Haiti, maintaining ongoing connection and support as needed to help them as they develop new chapters
  • develop media and outreach materials for CANA Region in order to increase visibility in our areas of influence
  • pray for and seek connections with new countries in the CANA Region
  • work on support for our Bahama connection and for future connections in other areas of the Caribbean, such as Jamaica
  • encourage and strengthen our newest chapter, NCF-Haiti; maintain ongoing connection and provide support as they develop new chapters.
  • We also plan to actively pray for each of our member countries, the International Board, and CANA members representing us in the Board and holding special responsibilities. Carrie Dameron, is Chair of the Prayer and Care Committee, Phyllis Ferrier is serving on the International Institute Program Committee and Congress planning team, and Pamela Cone our Regional Chair.                                                                                      

        CONTACT Pamela Cone:                 


CANA Regional Conference 2019

Theme: “Infusing Hope in Nursing: A Christian Perspective”.

Participants at the NCFI CANA Regional Conference, at the Christian University of North Haiti (UCHN) Plenary sessions were provided by Dr. Kamalini Kumar, Mme Elcie Tobi, and Dr. Tove Giske. Early morning devotions were led by Carrie Dameron and Worship by Dr. Pamela Cone. A final session on “Infusing Hope: Focusing on Jesus” was provided by Phyllis Ferrier.

The venue was great and the Host (UCHN) made all who attended, including 130 Nurses, Nursing Students and Educators feel most welcome. All CANA member countries were represented. We are most grateful to God for the unique opportunity to interact with many and to realize that several new NCF Haiti groups will begin in the North region.

Coming Events

Due to the restrictions of the Covid 19 Pandemic, there are no events confirmed at present. Watch this space for news…

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