Christian nurses in Europe are connecting with each other despite the differences in lanuages, nursing traditions, and large movements of nurses around the region.


Dansk Kristelig Sygeplejeforening – DKS

The Danish Christian Nursing Association (DKS) is an interest organization with a focus on nursing with meaning – for the whole person, and works for more dignity in the health care system, for both patients, relatives and nursing staff.

We are for all care groups in the health care system and others who share our visions (support members). DKS is independent of trade union and political interests and not affiliated with any particular church direction. We are part of an international network, Nurses Christian Fellowship International.


We were so fortunate that we had our National Conference March 6th-7th just before the country locked down due to Covid 19. Around 80 nurses gathered around the theme “Beautiful moments in nursing”. This time we had more young nurses with us than usual, which was very encouraging.  See the pictures here:

United Kingdom & Ireland

Christian Medical Fellowship – Nurses and Midwives

CMF Nurses and Midwives is a growing national nursing and midwifery fellowship, and member of NCFI. Our vision is to unite and equip every Christian nurse and midwife to live and speak for Jesus.  

We partner with CMF doctors and have some shared resources and events, but we have also developed our own staff, volunteers, online and printed resources, conferences and courses. We try to connect new members in groups regionally or locally, and support group leaders with training, prayer and online resources to make leading as easy as possible, aware of how busy everyone is. We especially love to give input to students and newly qualified nurses & midwives, and to invest in young leaders, trying to plan for the long-term future of the fellowship.

Publication: Spotlight.


Finnish Nurses’ Christian Society (SSKS)

SSKS was established in 1948 for the spiritual care of nurses. It is a member organization of Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI). The purpose of our group is to support the Christian faith and spiritual growth of health care professionals and students in the field and to deliver a liberating message of the gospel to health care personnel and students in the field.

In addition, we seek to deepen the Christian understanding of human care and to support the overall care of the patient by helping caregivers also respond to the patient’s spiritual needs. We invite nurses, midwives and students in these fields, as well as other health care personnel, to our activities.

Office: Mannerheimintie 104 B52 00250 Helsinkiphone: 045 323 9697   e-mail:


Kristent Forum for Sykepleiere og Sykepleiestudenter – KFSS

Our purpose is: to bring together nurses and nursing students to help them practice holistic care in accordance with Christian faith and ethics, communicate the Christian faith and the Christian view of man in education, profession and social life, and maintain and strengthen the spiritual dimension in nursing theory and practice. 

KFSS provides affiliation in a national community of nurses and students who see the value of spiritual care in the nursing profession and motivates holistic thinking. KFSS arranges subject days and seminars alone or together with other organizations or colleges. The organization provides opportunities for local study groups and prayer groups.


Enfermería Cristiana – EC

Objectives include: Nursing Christian Fellowship of Spain arose as a response to the wishes of nurses to find a link between the Christian faith and their daily professional activity. It is a group of evangelical confession, linked internationally to the NCFI  international community of Christian nurses.  The connection of Christian nurses with each other and with the international movement is for their development, growth and empowerment with a clear vocation of service to nursing, the church and society in general with the objective of evangelization and promotion of excellence.

  • Motivate, train and empower Christian nurses on a professional level.
  • Manage relationships with churches and collaboration with them.
  • Encourage Christian nurses to a level of professional excellence.
  • Promote a reflection on care and its extension to society.


Facebook: Enfermeria Cristiana de España

NCFI Europe also has contacts in Romania, Albania, Armenia. Ukraine, Moldova. Germany, Netherlands. Portugal, and Malta

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Recent Events

European Conference April 2023

Held 21-23 April 2023 at the VID University, Bergen, Norway. 
 Theme: How to Manage Challenging Times for Nurses

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