Cares: Reflections for Nurses

If you enjoy reading the NCFI Cares bi-monthly devotions, then you may like to download these books. CARES: Reflections for Nurses expands on a devotion with the insight and application of a Bible study. There are currently two books in this series.

CARES 1: Reflections for Nurses

Whether you want to uplift your personal faith journey, exemplify your Christ-like professional nursing, or bring the mercy of God to your patients, families, colleagues, and studentsCARES: Reflections for Nurses contributes to your faith development. The reflections can also be used with a mentor/mentee relationship and/or facilitate a nurses fellowship group. . Each of the 52 reflections in the book includes devotion/discussion with suggestion reading, a responsorial question, and prayer

There are English, Spanish, and Chinese versions. 

CARES: Reflection for Nurses, English and Chinese

CARES II: Reflections for Nurses

The second compilation of NCFI Cares devotions for nurses expands on a devotion with the insight and application of a Bible study.  Each reflection begins with a central scripture and a brief teaching or insight. Unique to CARES II is the inclusion of an accompanying passage of scripture, reflective question, and a simple prayer. They can be used for a personal prayer/devotional time or part of connecting a nursing fellowship group

The reflections are written by diverse authors from around the world that inspire peace,
strength, and hope amidst the challenges of Christian nursing. They include practical advice on staying calm, responding to conflict, and rekindling our joy while opening our hearts to how Jesus can guide our nursing practice. Whether you work in the hospital, clinic, university, or ministry, all Christian nurses will be encouraged professionally and personally.

CARES II is a bilingual English/Spanish book

Cares II: Reflections for Nurses (English only)

CARES II: Reflections for Nurses (English/Spanish)

Cares II: Reflections for Nurses (bi-lingual)

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