About IICN

International Institute of Christian Nursing, a division of NCFI, is committed to the development and offering of various non-academic courses which engage nurses from across the globe in learning more about the integration of a Christian worldview into their nursing practice, education, leadership, and research.

IICN Vision and Mission


Christian nurses honoring God through daily integration of the Christian worldview in all professional nursing roles and responsibilities.


To promote the integration of the Christian worldview in nursing practice, education, leadership, and research through faith-based resources, networking, and professional development.

Outgoing Director

Dr. Susan Elliott, IICN Director from 2020-2022.

For the last 2 years God has placed me in the position of IICN Director and He has now directed that my time of service in this role is to end. The Holy Spirit, the voice of God, sometimes shouts while often speaking in a whisper. During the last months of 2021 I began to feel that my work at IICN was to end. By listening and prayerfully responding to the Holy Spirit’s continuing whisper, I acted in obedience. In notifying our NCFI president Anne Biro of my intent, the amazing peace of God has been ever present.

As my time in this role ends, the work of IICN carries on and the search for a new director begins. The mission and vision of IICN remain essential to the ministry of Christian nurses across the globe. A new leader in partnership with the need for more course faculty, Christian Nurse International authors, and developers of Bible studies to help nurses learn more about daily integration their Christian faith in all nursing roles and responsibilities is critical.

I leave you with Mark 12:30. Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, and with all of your soul, and with all of your mind, and with all of your strength.

A personal relationship with God through the saving blood of Jesus is the gift of eternal life.  As a nurse, live out your faith by being the best nurse you can be so that your light will shine, people will see your good works, and all will be to God’s glory (Matthew 5:16).

In His Service,

Dr. Susan Elliott, IICN Director 2020-2022

Past Director's Messages

Resources for Christian Nurses

I Corinthians 10:31 states “Whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God“.

Our one and two-day courses present different concepts and content to help nurses learn how to live out their faith and be a witness to Christ in every nursing role and responsibility. These courses are presented by Christian nurses, and some courses are in partnership with other Christian faith organizations.

 In this website you will find further resources developed by IICN that you can use to strengthen your Christian life and witness as a nurse These include nursing related Bible Studies, and the Christian Nurse International  Journal.  Find a complete list at:

Institute Leadership

Leadership of the International Institute of Christian Nursing consists of a Director and three Institute Committees.   

We are currently searching for a new Director.  Enquiries regarding this volunteer role will be directed to the NCFI President, Dr Anne Biro.  Enquiries  concerning IICN Courses and resources will be directed to Program Committee Chair, Phyllis Ferrier

Email: iicn@ncfi.org

IICN Committees 

The Steering Committee has a global membership who guide the vision and mission activities of the Institute. The committee meets virtually once a month. There is also a Program Committee (professional development courses) and the CNI Editorial Committee (publication of the Christian Nurse International journal) Email:

History of the Institute

 In 2004, NCFI nurse leaders began to conceptualize how NCFI could become the voice of Christian nursing within the profession. The early goal was to develop a credible resource grounded in scholarship, becoming a dedicated place for modeling the integration of faith and science. This resource would include Christian theology, moral leadership, inclusion of spiritual care in wholistic nursing care, ethics, and cultural awareness. The vision was to impact, influence, and shape the future of nursing for Christ.

 At the NCFI World Conference of 2004, Dr. Barbara White presented the institute concept to those gathered in Korea. While there was great interest in the concept, it would not be until the 2012 World Congress in Chile that the International Institute of Christian Nursing was established. Early leaders of the Institute included Dr. Barbara White and Dr. Linda Rieg. Across the next few years, the institute’s successes included the offering of multiple professional development courses on integration of faith and nursing, an online journal, and the establishment of key partnerships with other Christian healthcare-related, non-governmental organizations.

 These successes came in part from the early financial and academic support. Known as the Founding Organisations. Five universities were involved:

  • Biola University, California, USA.
  • California Baptist University, California, USA
  • Colorado Christian University, Colorado, USA.
  • University of North Western – St Paul, Minnesota, USA 
  • Indiana Wesleyan University, Indiana, USA

NCFI Connections

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