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Biblical Leadership in Nursing

This course is designed for three levels of leadership development. It focuses on the professional leader, the clinical leader at the point of care, and leadership skills at a personal level. It may be used in one or all levels of training. A Bible study is provided at the end of each module to be used either individually or with groups.

The course is Christian in orientation, global in scope and evidence-based in practice. The content is also flexible and culturally sensitive and illustrations may be adapted to the various contexts in which it is being taught.

Learning Objectives

Leadership Formation as a personal and community process rooted in the tradition and ministry of Nurses Christian Fellowship International strives to:

  1. Integrate, articulate, and implement the rich tradition of Nurses Christian Fellowship International
  2. Strengthen and transform individual nurses, communities, and the organizations which are served
  3. Engage and inspire nurses in their on-going growth  as future leaders
  4. Ground leaders and their organizations in the foundational, Biblical values to ensure the mission of NCFI is preserved.

Learning Strategies

Besides the usual strategies for engaging students, attempts are made to develop relationships with students that allow them to have the opportunity to share strategies that they have found useful in their careers as nurse leaders. Relevance is the number one element that learners seek when it comes to professional development. All the examples and skills taught will be applicable to real life or workplace scenarios. 

The course content will be attuned to the learners’ specific contexts and cultures. As facilitators of learning, consistent and constructive feedback will be offered throughout the course using role plays and open communication strategies.


12 hours

Lead Faculty

Dr. M. Kamalini Kumar BSN, MA, PhD
Former Board Member and President of NCFI
Current Member of IICN

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