Faith Community Nursing

Faith community nursing (also called FCN) is a specialty nursing practice that combines professional nursing and health ministry within the context of a community of faith.  

Through NCFI’s Institute of Christian Nursing, ‘The Foundations of FCN’ course is being made available to NCF members, to prepare Christian nurses to minister within their local churches and the broader community. The 2 days introductory training course will:

  1. Create personal awareness on the the history of faith community nursing and it philosophy;
  2. Integrate a strong Biblical Christian world view of faith community nursing (FCN) practice the core concepts of spiritual formation, professionalism, shalom as health and wholeness, and community, incorporating culture and diversity;
  3.  Identify the dimensions, characteristics and interest of the community to be served.
  4.  Discuss skills in communicating, collaborating, documenting, assessing and accessing resources  in  FCN practice,
  5.  Challenge each one to begin an FCN ministry, integrating health promotion principles, concepts and approaches in  a whole person-centered care across the lifespan.

The introductory course will run for 10 hours. The methods of presentations are: small group discussion, small group activities and sharing of personal experiences and reflections.  Find out more...

Alicia Banas
Goh Swee Eng
Chieko Fukushima

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