The Values Based Teacher: Teaching Like Jesus

The Values-Based Teacher is the most recently developed NCFI IICN course. It was designed to help Nurses/Nurse Educators and Midwives develop or broaden an understanding of the importance of integrating Christian values in both teaching and learning. It is highly recommended for those teaching or aspiring to teach NCFI/IICN Courses, but open to all. 

The focus is on Jesus, as the greatest role model of teaching principles and techniques. Both the strategies that He used and the teacher-learner relationships that He developed have since been recognized as an evidence-based learner centered approach. So, we begin with Jesus, integrating the methods and strategies He used with adult learner principles and teaching strategies throughout this 10-hour course.

Several of the topics included are values, emotional intelligence, adult learning principles, professional distance, effective teaching styles and strategies, commonly used as well as cutting edge technology, and responding to challenging teaching scenarios.  Participants will have the opportunity to be involved in role plays, as well as small and large group discussions. Both seasoned educators as well as those with little experience will be inspired and refreshed through this brief interactive course.


Dr Kamalini Kumar. RN, PhD
Phyllis Ferrier RN, MDiv. RP, RMFT

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