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Nurses Christian Fellowship in Latin America (CIDEC)

In the NCFI family, Latin America with its beautiful scenery, lively culture and its mainly Spanish and Portuguese language, as well as other aboriginal languages, is a very diverse region. It is a mixture of Spaniard, Portuguese, German, English, Italian, African and Indigenous people.

CIDEC-AL has national groups of Christian Nurses in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Cuba, with networks in Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Venezuela, Paraguay and Costa Rica.


Christian nurses in Argentina are expanding in an amazing way, working productively as a team. The last UCEA meeting of Christian nurses was held on March 2017 in San Miguel de Tucumán, in northern Argentina. They addressed the following topics: Love that Heals, Treating the Patient with Dignity, Nursing as a Ministry, and Vocational Orientation in Nursing.

Argentina has also been working with the Salino program.


Colombia is mainly working with retired nurses in a pastoral ministry which works with women who are destitute and living alone. There are also some young Christian nurses who contribute in the messenger page of CIDEC-AL, in communications and in the ministry to students and the new generation.


Chile is working with two local groups of Christian Nurses and Midwives in Temuco and Concepción. Their focus is on ministering to the younger generation and, for that purpose, they have contacted some universities in Temuco, which have responded favorably to the idea of offering their nursing students the Art and Science of Spiritual Care Seminar.


Cuba held its second National Conference on March 24th and 25th in La Habana. The topic, which was delivered by Gladys Altamirano and Alicia Yañez, both of them from Chile, was entitled: The Art and Science of Spiritual Care. This seminar was very well received. It was very emotional to gather with these Christian Cuban nurses who showed their love to us. We learnt a lot from them. We commend Dargelia Oquiendo, Maite Oreilly and Juanita for their efforts, hard work, commitment and love in the organization of this conference.


Ecuador has strengthened its missionary work with the attendance of 5 nurses at the second National Conference in Cuba. They brought with them some presents, as well as their joy and willingness to serve. They participated enthusiastically in the Art and Science of Spiritual Care Seminar.

Fabiola Hidalgo contacted two recently graduated nurses and one nursing student. She inspired and challenged them to grow in the nursing ministry through CIDEC. The new Cuban generation of CIDEC has begun…

Hidalgo has said: “We are glad that three young nurses, one of them still a student, have received the seminar and have been motivated to take over the task to rise new generations of nurses who care for the spiritual needs of their patients. Gladys presented these nurses with the book on the history of NCIF.

We ask you to pray for them, for they are the next generation of our organization. They are Melissa Fajardo (student), Karla and Claudia Steveens Romero (they are twins and graduated from nursing school five years ago).”


NCF work in Latin America was initiated by missionary nurses working in  Peru, Argentina Ecuador and Chile.  These nurses who felt called by God to work among nurses, were appointed by NCFI as staff workers to help establish NCF work in Latin America.  The first NCFI regional conference was held in Lima, Peru in 1982.  The second conference in 1986 was hosted by NCF in Argentina.  During the third regional conference in Ecuador in 1990 the first Regional Committee was formed.

Gladys Altimero, Chair for the NCFI Latin America Region
Gladys Altimero, Chair for the NCFI Latin America Region

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The next Regional conference will be held  23 -26 March, 2018 in Buenos Aros, Argentina. Watch our conference page for more information.

Visit to Christian nurses in Cuba (March 2017)
Visit to Christian nurses in Cuba (March 2017)
Latin American nurses at the NCFI World Conference in Chile 2012
Latin American nurses at the NCFI World Conference in Chile 2012