Dr Margaret Kamalini Kumar

Dr. Kamalini Kumar is a registered nurse by profession. She has a BSN in nursing from Madras University, India, a Master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology and a PhD. in Educational Psychology, both from the University of Iowa, USA.  Kamalini has retired from a long career of 48 years in nursing education, having taught at several universities in India, Canada, and the USA. Her last position was Director of Clinical and Professional Development at Mercy Medical Center, Clinton. In this role, she was responsible for professional nursing education development, leadership and preceptorship training and all nursing research projects in the hospital. She was also the Magnet Coordinator for the hospital

Dr. Kumar serves on several International Boards, including Nurses Christian Fellowship International and, in connection with these organizations, has travelled extensively throughout the world speaking on professional and spiritual issues that impact nursing practice. Her passion is to teach nurses how to assess and give spiritual care to their patients and to share their faith in ways that are culturally appropriate.  She also serves on the Board of International Health Services Global (an NGO that equips healthcare workers to be witnesses for Christ in their clinical settings), the CMC Vellore Foundation in New York which represents the largest health care institution in South East Asia, and Christian Medical College and Hospitals, Vellore, India

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