Dee Slade

I was trained as a nurse in Singapore. My nursing journey began in Singapore, and I later worked in the UK, honing my clinical expertise. I completed my Bachelor of Nursing in Australia and earned a Master’s degree in Healthcare Law and Ethics in the UK.

My deep interest in healthcare ethics is driven by my unwavering commitment to delivering patient-centred care. Having witnessed the complex ethical dilemmas healthcare professionals face, I understand the pivotal role ethics plays in ensuring patient well-being and upholding the integrity of the healthcare profession.

Notably, I spent two transformative years with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in the Philippines, living among the poorest of the poor. This experience had a profound personal and spiritual impact on me, shaping both my character and my nursing career. My unique blend of international experience and ethical education equips me to navigate intricate challenges and advocate for ethical healthcare practices, prioritising the person-patient welfare and upholding the highest standards of care. 

Dee Slade RGN
Independent CHC Nurse Assessor
Bachelor of Nursing (Australia)
MA Healthcare Law and Ethics (Swansea Uni, Wales)

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