South Asia and Middle East

South Asia and Middle East (SAME)

SAME Region was initially established in 2010 as Central Asia Middle East (CAME) through the efforts of Ms. Stacy Saha, Dr. Barbara Parfitt working in Bangladesh, Ms. Chinnamma Mathew from India and Mr. Sarfraz Asif  from Pakistan. They all visited  Kathmandu, Nepal in 2010 where they met Ms. Rebbeca Sinha and finally the CAME Region came into existence as new region of NCFI.

Pioneer members of NCFI CAME (now SAME) at it’s establishment in 2010

Pioneer members of NCFI CAME (now SAME) at it’s establishment in 2010

The pioneers for this region organized the first NCFI CAME Regional Conference in October, 2011 in Nepal. At the first Regional Forum, the name CAME was changed to SAME Region with consensus of all present members and audience.


Recent Conference for Next Generation Nurses

By God’s grace and the efforts of a great team of SAME Regional Committee and local nurses’ team, the first NCFI Regional ‘Next Generation’ Conference was held during October 29 – November 1, 2019 at Dhulikhel Village Resort, Nepal.What a joy to gather 47 nursing students, recent graduates and nurse educators from Nepal (32), Bangladesh (8), India (5) and Pakistan (2). The conference theme was ‘Young Nurses: Leading the Future’. The aim was to encourageand equip young nurses to be future Nurse Leaders and helpeducators and current leaders to be part of that process.  Under the Bible theme from 2 Peter 3:13 “Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ” the attendees were encouraged andgiven tools in the morning Bible and Key-note sessions to help themgrow spiritually,emotionally and professionally.

Read a full report of this exciting conference

SAME Conference 2017

The last SAME Regional Conference was held in November 15 – 18, 2017 at LAMB Hospital, Parbatipur, District Dinajpur, Bangladesh, with the theme:  “Renewed in Mind: Challenges and Opportunities for Christian Nurses in South Asia.”

March 2018  – A Conference for Christian Nurses in Pakistan


The Annual Nurses Conference was held in Lahore last month (23 March) and attended by approx. 130 nurses and students. Jacoline Sommer the National Vice President of NCF in Pakistan was invited as special guest and speaker to attend and bring a message on the topic, Challenging Faith.  Jacoline is also the coordinator of the Islamabad Branch. She was also able to introduce NCFI International and speak about PRIME, a partner organisation of NCFI.  

 The conference was organized by LEM from Lahore who with many other programs, provide spiritual counselling to Christian nurses in Lahore. In addition there is Christian couple, a nurse and her husband who play vital role in visiting Christian nurses in hospital and their home. Every year they organized program for nurses on 23 March and I was invited in 2012 and now in 2018.   For Jacoline it was great opportunity to make NCF Pakistan better known and to be united and expand the fellowship of Christian nurses at national level. Her NCF team prepared the banners and shared in the preparation work.


SAME  Region Member Countries

Currently, there are four (4) NCFI Member Countries in SAME Region

Other countries are in contact as Member Countries:

  • Sri Lanka
  • UAE

 Current Board Members from SAME Region, 2016 -2020

  • Safraz Masih, Pakistan
  • Olivia  B. Thathapudi India
  • Stacy Saha (Regional Chair)

Stacy Saha, SAME Regional Chair

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