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NCF in the Pacific and East Asia (PACEA)

Spread throughout East Asia and the Pacific, the region is diverse with many cultural differences, and models for NCF ministry. Despite this, NCFs in the region have found much in common and have maintained close ties. The links that were formed when this first NCFI region was established in 1970 have been strengthened by regular conferences each four years, and additional conferences for national staff and leaders. The region was led by Blanche Lindsay the first PACEA Coordinator, then by a regional staff worker, Naty Lopez of the Philippines who worked with a small committee drawn from countries in the region. Subsequently a Regional Committee comprising representatives from each member country in the region was formed. This committee is elected each four years at the  Regional Forum during conference.

Conferences were held in Japan 2010, Taiwan 2012 (for staff and leaders) Fiji, 2014 and Taiwan 2018.


The most recent PACEA Conference was held in Taiwan Taipei.  It was preceded by  four training courses held over 2-3 days

Nurses and nursing students from countries throughout the Pacific and East Asia were equipped and strengthened spiritually and professionally for leadership and involvement in difficult times. Nurses from virtually all of the countries represented had in recent times faced significant challenges, such as natural and human disasters, political upheaval, challenging conditions in nursing and health care, opposition and restrictions to expression of Christian faith. A selection of personal narratives by nurses highlighted this and supplemented the messages of the Keynote speakers by telling their stories of involvement in such troubles, and testifing to ways in which God had enabled them in those situations.

Parade of Nations

Each day, inspirational Keynote Speakers brought a message on one of the sub-themes: excellence in times like these (Dr Kamalini Kumar), relevance in times like these (Anne Biro), hope in times like these (Tan Wee-King), and available to God in times like these (Georgina Hoddle).

Three outstanding Bible talks on the book of Esther were presented by Taiwanese Pastor, Rev Matthew Tsai, who made Esther and the events of her times vivid, as well as applicable to the opportunities and challenges we face in our times.

Dr Barbara Parfitt who was the final speaker, summed up the keynote messages, and gave us some take home reminders of the challenges and encouragements we had received for living as disciples of Jesus and practising our profession in a troubled world. She reminded us about:

HOPE as depicted in the Divine reversal seen in the story of Esther, where the hand of God was always at work. God who is faithful will bring about Divine reversals for us too.

EXCELLENCE in quality, service and leadership which will distinguish our practice as Christian nurses from those around us.

RELEVANCE. A challenge to look carefully at the relevance of being a Christian in today’s world – a Christian world view, integration of our faith in providing health care, and being a Christian within our community.

AVAILABILITY. Do we make ourselves truly available to him? Availability means sacrifice, as we were reminded by the personal story of the Keynote speaker.

For a full report of the conference and speaker’s outlines and PPP presentations go to  PACEA Conference 2018 page


Currently there are 12 NCFI member countries in the PACEA Region:

NCF Mongolia, is currently preparing for NCFI membership,


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