CANA Regional Conference in 2014

Caribbean and North America

Caribbean and North America

The NCFI CANA Region began to lay a solid foundation when its first member country, NCF USA, joined NCFI in 1970. Since that time, four Americans have provided leadership as NCFI Presidents.

In 1996, NCF Canada joined NCFI. Since that time both countries have enjoyed an increasingly collaborative relationship in networking, planning Regional Conferences; being a voice in the Nursing profession from a clearly Christian Worldview. Current and future initiatives include (i) Spiritual Care Workshops  (ii) Leadership Development (iii) Regional Conferences (iv) Training Health professionals through the Saline Process course and (V) Collectively and intentionally waiting upon our awesome God for His leading and blessing.

On February 1, 2014, NCF Haiti was officially recognized as the third member country in the NCFI CANA Region.


CANA Regional Conference 10-13 January 2019 Report

Participants at the NCFI CANA Regional Conference, at the Christian University of North Haiti (UCHN) from January 10 -13, 2019

The theme was “Infusing Hope in Nursing: A Christian Perspective“.

Plenary sessions were provided by Dr. Kamalini Kumar, Mme Elcie Tobi, and Dr. Tove Giske. Early morning devotions were led by Carrie Dameron and Worship by Dr. Pamela Cone. A final session on “Infusing Hope: Focusing on Jesus” was provided by Phyllis Ferrier.

The venue was great and the Host (UCHN) made all who attended, including 130 Nurses, Nursing Students and Educators feel most welcome. All CANA member countries were represented. We are most grateful to God for the unique opportunity to interact with many and to realize that several new NCF Haiti groups will begin in the North region.








Thanks for your prayers! We are so grateful to God for His faithfulness and are confident of His continued hand of provision and blessing for the future! We thank God for His faithfulness through our history and are confident of His leading  for our future.

Nurses Christian Fellowship currently functions in the following countries in the CANA Region:

We have contacts in a few other Caribbean countries, and new fellowships are being encouraged.

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