Messages From the Frontline

“I take this opportunity to greet you and encourage you to continue working with a vision of the Kingdom of God at a time when as nurses we are overburdened with the pandemic situation. We trust in God who strengthens us to transmit His message of hope.”
Blessings and greetings, from Rosa in Spain

“We indeed need the peace of our God during this stressful period. Am in the North West of our country and this area has boundaries with Congo DR and Angola and the borders are quiet porous. This makes the place quite risky as we have an influx of foreigners on daily basis. Pray for me for protection as I go round conducting intensified surveillance for both polio and COVID19. Our nurses at the isolation centres are working double hard; pray for protection and strength. Blessings,”Martha Mwendafilumba from Zambia

In times like this – times that are beyond what we could imagine just a few weeks ago, the world is realizing the importance of nursing. Not just because we treat the most ill patients, but also because families are not allowed to be with their dear ones in hospitals and in nursing homes. We give the care and the treatment, we follow the procedure for isolation and protection of ourselves and of others. The meaning of WHO to make 2020 the year of the nurse and the midwife has gained a deeper meaning for the world than we could imagine. As Christian nurses, we continue to hold Jesus as our source of strength and our role model, even more in times like this.
Tove Giske, from Norway

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