On the Front Line in Covid 19


This doctor working on the frontlines of COVID 19, was inspired by nurses. In this interview we can see the important work of nurses and of Christian community, in two powerful ways:

 (1) nurses are motivated to care beyond ‘just doing their scheduled shifts’. It is often in the quiet, unrecognized times such as breaks and unpaid overtime that nurses provide emotional and spiritual support by BEING with patients. In this interview we hear of ‘un-named’ nurses sacrificing their own time and safety.  This care and sacrifice is a reflection of the character of God, and whether we acknowledge God or not, this bears witness to our being created in God’s image. As nurses, it is a privilege to be God’s ‘image-bearers’, even when it is costly and unrecognized, because God’s love and sacrifice was also costly, yet life giving. 

(2) Being a part of a community that prays and supports one another is of tremendous value. Feeling supported and not alone is something each of us needs. We were made to be in community. God declared that ‘it is not good for man to be alone’ (Gen 2:18) and as Christians we are called into community in Christ (Romans 12:5). 

Christians know that intercession makes a difference. We know God listens to prayer. In the Bible we see both times when God has changed plans because of prayer and when God has not answered prayers as people hoped. The decision is the Lord’s and our job is to pray. This is a wonderful blessing that can come when part of the family of NCFI – Christian nurses who pray and who understand because we are a fellowship of nurses from around the world. 

Anne Biro

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