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Europe is a very diverse region, culturally, politically and economically. Most of the stronger Christian nursing fellowships are in the Nordic Countries (Finland, Denmark and Norway), the British Isles (England and Scotland) and in Spain, but there are many small groups and networks of Christian nurses forming in Eastern Europe, France and Germany. The countries where the fellowships are strongest are also mainly the more secular and wealthy nations, with well-developed nurse education and training, but where Christianity is increasingly marginal.  In Eastern Europe, nursing is slowly developing a professional identity, but is still poorly paid and low status.  Yet in many of these nations, the churches are strong and growing.  As more of Eastern Europe joins the European Union, so more nurses from the East are working in the West and the North, so there are large movements of nurses around the region, many speaking more than two languages.

The challenge for NCFI in this region is encouraging and supporting the established nursing fellowship in the face of secularism, and helping them to connect with and support Eastern European Christian nurses working in their nations.  In the East it is about developing supportive communities for Christian nurses, and connecting those leaving to work in the West with Christian fellowships in their host countries.

Training in spiritual care, leadership and witness are also a key part of our work, and sharing the resources and learning that we are all doing through the Internet and conferences.  This is hard, because Europe is a very multilingual region, and there is no one common language that is widely used!

Rosa Lopez, NCFI EUROPE Regional Chair
Rosa Lopez, NCFI EUROPE Regional Chair

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XIV National Encounter of Christian Nursing with the motto “Humanizing the care”.

24 – 26 of March 2017  XIV National Encounter of Christian Nursing. Theme: “Humanizing the care”. The conference will be held at Finca La Cardosilla, Avda Reina Victoria 35  in Los Negrales-Alpedrete (Madrid) Spain. Program includes Bible expositions, conferences, a workcafe, the group’s annual general assembly and other activities.  Enquiries:   móvil: 653707648

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NCFI Europe  has Member Countries in

Spain (Enfermería Cristiana – EC)

Norway (Kristent Forum for Sykepleiere og Sykepleiestudenter – KFSS)

Finland (Suomen Sairaanhoitajain Kristillinen Seura – SSKS)

Denmark (Dansk Kristelig Sygeplejeforening – DKS)

Scotland (Nurses Christian Fellowship Scotland – NCFS)

England, Wales & Ireland (Christian Medical Fellowship – nurses and midwives)

NCFI Europe also has contacts in

  • Romania
  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Ukraine
  • Moldova
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Malta