Nurses Christian Fellowship in Africa

Nurses Christian Fellowship currently has contacts in the following countries of Africa:

Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana,  Zambia, Benin, Liberia, Sierra Leone.

NCFI Africa Regional Chair: Martha Mwendafilumba

NCFI Africa Regional Chair: Martha Mwendafilumba

Regional Conference

A conference is planned for 2015 in Nigeria. Theme of the conference is:
“Meeting Africa’s Health Care Needs – the Role of the Christian Nurse”. DATE 8 – 13 November.  Venue: DRACC ABUJA, NIGERIA.  Main speaker: Dr. Olufoye Oyetunde.

Conference Enquiries:

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Saline Training

There are a number of SALINE trainings scheduled this year within Africa, one took place in Nigeria this month and four(4) NCF Nigerians attended. Another one is coming in July when we hope Ghana can also attend.  Zambia’s SALINE training is scheduled to take place in May.

Martha and Georgina - Saline Course

Martha Mwendafilumba at the Saline Process Trainer’s Course in Fiji following the PACEA Conference.

SALINE Process is a training course developed by IHS Global (formerly International Health Services) specifically for the healthcare setting on how to be a witness in the workplace. The Saline Process provides discipleship, training, and coaching for healthcare workers to skilfully and confidently assess the spiritual condition of a patient. By providing practical tools, Saline training enables participants to personalize an approach to share the love of Jesus according to each patient’s needs. Research data is presented which connects spirituality to positive patient health outcomes.

Student Conference of Fellowship of Christian Nurses (FCN) Nigeria

The 4th annual National student’s conference took place at the Nation’s capital Abuja with a total of 575 registered participants  (25-28 June).  The conference theme was “Wholistic healthcare in a changing world – A challenge to the Christian nurse”.  Many young nurses made commitment to serve God with and through their profession.  Download and read a full report of this exciting conference.





  • NCF Sierra Leone will be recommencing  on 5 September in Freetown. At that event they will be installing executives in various positions for the work. NCF Sierra Leone will organize events related to Spiritual Empowerment of the Christian nurse.
  • NCF Zambia  .Zambia economically has become very expensive, local currency is devalued on a weekly basis and this has made cost of living very high.
  • Ghana NCF has an annual national conference coming up, pray for unity among groups and leaders (old & new)Wisdom in selection of up-coming regional committee members. Member countries to adhere to guidelines for nominating individuals to serve on the next regional committee.
  • Partnerships: Pray for God’s intervention to make the partnership we are developing with HCF, ICDMA and NCFI at country levels to work well.

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