In this area you will find a range of free resources, including publications such as the NCFI Journal and Connections Newsletter, devotionals for nurses, nursing focused Bible Studies, quarterly Prayer Guides, a devotional book, and collaborative research documents. These are provided by the International Institute of Christian Nursing, and other NCFI leaders and groups.

General Resources

CARES - Reflections for Nurses

If you enjoy reading the NCFI Cares bi-monthly devotions, then you may like to download this book.  CARES: Reflections for Nurses expands on a devotion with the insight and application of a Bible study. Each of the 52 reflections includes devotion/discussion with suggestion reading, a responsorial question, and prayer.

Whether you want to uplift your personal faith journey, exemplify your Christ-like professional nursing, or bring the mercy of God to your patients, families, colleagues, and students, CARES: Reflections for Nurses contributes to your faith development. The reflections can also be used with a mentor/mentee relationship and/or facilitate a nurses fellowship group.  There are English, Spanish, and Chinese versions. 

NCFI Cares Devotionals

Please download and view samples of the range of devotionals from NCFI. To receive them bi-monthly by email you can register below.


View a range of NCFI brochures.


NCFI Connections will keep you up to date with the latest NCF news from around the world.  Conference and Congress updates will be featured, as well as news and reports from the NCFI Regions. It will also point you to resources to be found on the websites of NCFI and NCFI Regions.  The publication has been upgraded to enable quality print outs if needed.


View a range of NCFI brochures.

Prayer Guides

These prayer guides are a call to prayer for God’s protection in every place, and to trust in Him with our lives. Let us stand with our brothers and sisters in the different places in this world. God can reach them where and when no one else can – Pastoral Prayer and Care Committee.  Please download and view our latest Prayer Guide from NCFI.  If you would like to receive these quarterly prayer guides by email, kindly click the button below.

NCFI Prayer Guide October-December 2020

IICN Resources

CNI Journal

Christian Nurse International (CNI) is the online journal of NCFI.  Currently it is published 2-3 times per year. 

We encourage new writers to submit papers as the journal is a safe place for them to start a  publishing career. We also encourage those writing in English for the first time to submit their contributions even though they  may hesitate due to a  belief that the English is not good enough. We endeavour to assist our authors by editing and improving their manuscripts if necessary.

All papers that are submitted to CNI are peer reviewed primarily to ensure that the content is acceptable to the aims and values of the organisation.  Although we aim to  print material that is congruent with NCFI aims and values but we do not take responsibility for the views of our writers.

Authors wishing to submit a contribution to CNI must follow the guidelines provided. If not the manuscript will be returned for compliance before being considered.

Download the guidelines for making a submission to CNI.

The editorial committee is representative of  the NCFI regions. The role of the editorial committee is to ensure that the journal is

Reviewers are not necessarily committee members but NCF Country members who are  interested in reviewing papers submitted to CNI. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for CNI please contact the editor:

Nursing Focused Bible Studies

NCFI is dedicated to promoting a Christian worldview in the daily roles and responsibilities of nurses everywhere. To have a Christian worldview, the ongoing study of God’s Word is critical. IICN welcomes Christian nurses to use our nursing-focus Bible studies for personal faith growth and development. Author guidelines are also available.

Bible Study – Owning a Christian World View

Collaborative Research Documents

A description will be provided shortly.

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