Pre Conference Courses

Pre conference Training  Courses – Taiwan 2018


The Art and Science of Spiritual Care

An Educational Program of Nurses Christian Fellowship International

Nurses’ Christian Fellowship International values the spiritual needs of every person and recognizes the need for nurses to provide excellent, evidence-based spiritual care. The “Art and Science of Spiritual Care” has been developed to provide practicing nurses with state of the science knowledge in the specialty of spiritual care.

This is not an evangelism course; it is a professional nursing course developed to help Christian nurses identify and address spiritual care needs in a variety of settings for any patient coming from any various religious/spiritual belief and backgrounds, or even a patient who has no faith tradition at all. To that end, the curriculum is designed to be: Christian in orientation; Global in scope; Based on the best available scientific evidence; Focused on practical application; Flexible in its pedagogy; Student centered; and culturally sensitive.

There are four sessions and each has its own set of objectives. The four sessions are:

  • Session One: Spiritual Care Overview: Content and Mandate
  • Session Two: Spiritual Care Assessment
  • Session Three: Spiritual Interventions & Ca
  • Session Four: Challenges in Spiritual Care Giving

The Training-of-Trainers-Course of The Art and Science of  Spiritual Care: 

The Training-of -Trainers-course of the Art and Science of Spiritual Care course is for nurses with experience in teaching or with practical experience in spiritual care with an interest to teach others about professional spiritual care in nursing. TTT  will prepare nurses to teach others the NCFI Educational Program of The Art and Science of Spiritual Care.  It will  be offered to participants  completing  the course.


Course Leaders

Amy Rex Smith PhD RN ACNS BC has her BSN from Seattle Pacific University, her MS in nursing education from Boston University And her PhD in Nursing from the University of California at Los Angeles. She has been an academic nursing educator for over twenty years and has almost 40 years experience as an acute care hospital nurse, and has been a certified advanced practice nurse in acute care for over 30 years. She has published her original research in prayer and coping with cancer in nursing and multi-disciplinary journals and has published in nursing on spiritual care.

She is Professor of nursing and Director of the RN to BSN Program at Belhaven University, a Christian school in Jackson, Mississippi USA.  Dr. Rex-Smith’s passion is evidence-based nursing practice. She is looking forward to helping nurses provide professional evidence based spiritual nursing care.

The Saline Process – English language


The Saline Process training is a part of a process whereby health care workers are equipped and encouraged to be part of the Lord’s work in our world in response to His call for us to be his witnesses (Acts 1:8). The NCFI PACEA regional Saline Process pre-conference will combine the Saline Process course and the Training of Trainers (TOT). We look forward to having you join us as we seek to grow in faithfulness to God’s call on our lives to a hurting and broken world!


Saline Process Witness

The purpose of Saline training is to equip health care workers to be witnesses for Christ in their clinical settings. Nurses around the world come from places where spiritual openness ranges from very open to very closed, yet because it is biblically based, the Saline Process is relevant to each of these different cultures and health care settings.

The Saline Process course is a practical course. By use of presentations, discussions, case studies, & role plays, participants learn eight tools that can be put into practice with their patients and colleagues. Throughout the course, participants grow in their ability to assess a patient’s attitude toward Christ and know how to respond appropriately, always applying the ethical principles of permission, sensitivity, and respect.

Saline Process TOT:

The training of trainers  equips participants to teach and prepare for a Saline Process course. Most of the sessions are guided, practical activities that aim to help participants develop a deeper understanding and familiarity with the material in the Saline Process, to practice presentation and teaching skills, and to learn the practical aspects of how to plan and run a course. The TOT is a helpful course whether you plan to teach or to help with the logistics of sharing this course with others.  It also provides an opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of the Saline Process.


Course Leaders

.The PACEA pre-conference Saline Process & TOT will be taught by a team of nurses from Singapore, Fiji, Canada, and the USA. Between them, Colleen, Wee King, Carol, and Anne have worked in a variety of countries in Asia, Africa, North America, and South America, and have over 100 years of combined nursing experience! Areas of experience include acute care, chronic care, midwifery, community health, primary care nurse-practitioner, home care, palliative care, neonatal care, pre-hospital emergency care, nursing education, research, policy-making, and leadership. Living-out our faith in whatever situation we are in, is something each of the team members is passionate about. We hope to encourage & equip you in integrating your faith & work and prepare you to teach the Saline Process to others. We look forward to  welcoming you to the Saline Process + TOT.

Anne Biro

Carol Rowland

Colleen Wilson

Wee-King TAN






The Saline Process – Mandarin language

The course will be identical to the one described above but will be taught in Mandarin

Course Leader:  Dr Steve Chan.  Co leaders will be Mandarin speaking.




Revitalizing Your National NCF

This course has been designed especially for national NCF leaders and potential leaders, with topics chosen to meet expressed needs of NCFs in the region.

There will be a variety of session leaders, chosen for their experience and skills in particular areas.  Through workshops, talks and personal narratives and mutual sharing, participants will receive vision and knowledge that will assist them to grow as leaders, and strengthen their NCF ministry.  We advise National NCFs and countries interested in forming an NCF to ensure they have representatives attending this practical training course.

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