Keynote Speakers

Speakers for PACEA Conference 2018


A highlight of the conference will be inspirational KEYNOTE TALKS on each of the conference sub-themes,  The keynotes will be followed by small group sessions where participants can discuss the application to their current situations

Excellence in Times Like These

Speaker: Dr Kamalini Kumar

This keynote address will define the need for excellence in life and in the workplace. A description of excellence in nursing to include excellence in quality, service and leadership will be addressed. Biblical reasons for living and practicing with excellence will be explored.

Kamalini Kumar PhD. RN. is a registered nurse who has had more than 45 years of teaching experience both in the health care field and the public sector. She has been involved in clinical and professional development of nurses for the past 30 years.

She has PhD. from the University of Iowa in Educational Psychology (Psychological and Quantitative Foundations of Education). She graduated with a Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Technology (Emphasis: Health Science Education) from the University of Iowa. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Madras University, India. Kamalini has been involved in clinical and professional development of nurses for the past 30 years.

She is an active member of NCFI having served on the International Board as past President, is a current Board member and serves as Chair of the Leadership Development in the Institute of Christian Nursing of the NCFI. She has been a speaker at many national and international NCFI conferences.  Kamalini’s passion is helping nurses put their faith into practice.  See more…


Relevance in Times Like These

Speaker: Anne Biro

Nurses are on the front-lines of caring for those suffering from illness & disease, from trauma related to disasters and violence, and in caring for everyday people from all backgrounds. Nurses are expected to provide excellent, knowledgeable care and engage in continuing education to maintain competence. While nursing textbooks and hospital statements embrace the idea of whole-person care in these situations, in most countries Christian nurses are told that their faith & beliefs aren’t relevant or appropriate in the health care setting. In some settings, being a Christian can also limit job promotion or opportunities. In the keynote “Relevance in Times Like This”, we will look at scientific research and Biblical texts, and hear some real-life stories of why and how faith in Jesus is indeed relevant for nurses today.


Anne is a Canadian nurse living in Mongolia. She spent part of her childhood in Africa and a year of secondary school in Germany. She has worked in a variety of nursing positions in Canada, the USA, Latin America, and Asia.



HOPE in Times Like These

Speaker: Tan Wee-King

 The promise in 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 “He is the Father of compassion, the God of all comfort. He consoles us as we endure pain and hardship of life so that we may draw from His comfort and share it with others in their own struggles” underpinned my new spiritual journey since the diagnosis of an aggressive cancer in my dear husband and his passing less than 16 months later. Encouraged by how God’s love has helped me, I desire to share from my experience of faith and hope. A Faith-Hope-Love model of spiritual wellness grounded in Christian theology and biblical text can help us provide spiritual support to patients and families from multiple traditions or those without a faith background.


Wee King joined the nursing profession in 1972 and moved into nursing education in 1989. She enjoys gaining and sharing knowledge, obtaining tertiary degrees in nursing, training and public administration. With a supportive family, she has been a long-time volunteer with the grassroots, professional nursing body, church and the Nurses’ Christian Fellowship in Singapore.  She is currently serving as Vice Chair for the NCFI PACEA Region.


Available to God in Times Like These

Speaker: Georgina Hoddle

What does being available to God look and feel like? He was there from the start of my life, providing me with spiritual armour at my infant baptism, but I chose a path of adversity and idolatry for 40 years.  When I learnt to listen, I understood adoption by God and believed. He led, taught, encouraged and sent me on missions. Availability mixes sacrifice with peace, so I invite you to come and hear; are you called to be available?

.Georgina Hoddle from Australia is a registered nurse who currently works as a clinical nurse educator in disability nursing.  She studied General Nursing at St.Luke’s Hospital Sydney, retrained as an RN at Royal North Shore Hospital in 2005, and  graduated from Macquarie University in 2011 with a Masters in Applied Linguistics (TESOL).

Her experience designing and tutoring courses in ‘clinical communication skills’ for under- and postgraduate health care workers at two Australian Universities, concurrent with her becoming a member of Nurses Christian Fellowship Australia in 2010,  has led to her to teach and present at national, regional and  international conferences.


For Such a Time as This

Speaker: Emeritus Professor Barbara Parfitt

In this presentation I will draw together the key ideas and lessons that have been shared during the congress. Our three keynote speakers will share the important lessons drawn from the themes of relevance, excellence, hope and being available. The exposition of the life of Esther will provide an example to each one of us of a woman who stepped up when it was needed. Our concurrent sessions will bring the experience of individual nurses to the forefront as they share their own challenges and rejoice in their successes. I will draw on what has been shared and challenge the delegates of this conference to take the messages to heart. To be aware of the state of this world we live in and not to deny its reality, to engage in confidence with our own circumstances and live out our lives with purpose as God sees fit. We must keep our eyes fixed on the hope that God gives us especially when we are faced with what may seem overpowering difficulties including discrimination and  persecution, and we must draw on the skills and expertise that God gives so we can step into the role that He has chosen for us in ‘a time such as this’.

.Professor Emeritus Barbara Parfitt CBE qualified as a nurse and midwife in the 1960’s. In the 1970’s she worked in rural Afghanistan and Bhutan as a community nurse midwife. In the 1980’s she returned to the UK to take up an academic career.  Her PhD investigated international primary health care development. In 1995 she moved to Glasgow Caledonian University as Professor and Dean of the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Community Health and Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre. She has completed development projects in the Middle East, South Africa and Central Asia.

In 2007 she was awarded a CBE for her work in international health and nursing.  In 2010 she set up a Nursing and Midwifery college in Bangladesh targeting young disadvantaged women from the rural areas. She retired in December 2014 and is currently working voluntarily with PRIME International, a partner of NCFI, to set up a nursing college in Northern Pakistan. Throughout her career she has been actively involved in Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) serving on both regional boards and the International board. She is currently acting as the interim Director of the Institute of international Christian Nursing (IICN) and is the editor of Christian Nurse International (CNI) the publication of NCFI.


Personal Narrative Speakers

In addition to the keynote speakers, further speakers will be nurses who have been invited to share personal experiences and their responses to challenging situations in which they have worked, as well as the resources God provided for them. These are: Deborah Sethupathy  and Hannah Khoo Ah Choo (Malaysia) Obeying God versus Fear; Colleen Turaga Wilson (Fiji)  Disaster Reponse: Tropical Cyclone Winston;  Chieko Fukashima (Japan)  Because we do not forget you – Caring for the victims of the Tsumani and Nuclear disaster; Joelle Yap Lien Li (Singapore) Disaster: Making a difference when things get really bad; Frances Prescilla Cuevas (Philippines) The Marawi Seige: a Christian Nurse’s Response


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