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Art & Science of Spiritual Care – Train the Trainer

The target group for the Train-the-Trainer-course of the Art and Science of Spiritual Care is nurses with experience in teaching or with practical experience in spiritual care and with an interest to teach others about spirituality in nursing.

We encourage participants to come in pairs with both being committed to teaching together. This will make it easier to plan and implement the program as you get home. We also encourage this educational program to be taught in teams and not just by a single teacher.

The Train-The-Trainer-course is for nurses that are in agreement with the NCFI’s statement of faith (http://ncfi.org/about-ncfi/) and will prepare nurses to teach others the NCFI Educational Program of The Art and Science of Spiritual Care.  The course will normally be offered to participants that have completed the Educational program of The Art and Science of Spiritual Care.

The course will take between 2 – 4 hours and will explain and discuss the pedagogical background and choices to consider when teaching the course.

Those attending the Train-The-Trainer-course will be provided with a manual which gives background knowledge for the details of the educational program. It also contains resource material to be used as appropriate when teaching the program in diverse settings.

If you want more information about the Train-the-Trainer course of the Art & Science of Spiritual Care educational program, please email the course coordinator at aasc@ncfi.org, or fill in the course interest form, and we will contact you.

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