Post Congress 2016 – Reports and Resources

Healthy Lives in a Broken World

As Christian nurses, how do we respond to our broken world? What are our personal and professional responsibilities? What are our limitations? How do we live the life God created us to live – as healthy, holy, and joyful people? At the NCFI World Congress 2016, international speakers shared their vision and experiences of living healthy lives in a broken world. Nurses of all generations, as well as students found opportunities for personal and professional inspiration, sharing, networking, and discussion. The three sub themes: Healthy lives, Broken world, and The Christian nurses’ response were reflected through Bible expositions, professional plenary sessions and concurrent seminars, workshops, papers and poster presentations.

World Congress 2016 delegates

Congress Program

Speaker Abstracts and biographies  can be reviewed in this download.

Speaker presentations

As they become available further speaker presentations will be available as downloads

Concurrent Session presentations

Event Speakers were:

Professor Barbara Parfitt :

Professor Barbara Parfitt

Former Director and founder of Global Health, Glasgow Caledonian University, and Founding Principal of Grameen Caledonian College.

Reverend Dr. Paul Stevens :

Reverend Dr. Paul Stevens

a “marketplace theologian” and mentor who advocates, publishes, teaches and coaches people globally for the integration of faith and life.


Jane M.N. Sta. ANA, RN, MA :

Jane M.N. Sta. ANA, RN, MA

A ‘global nurse’, bridging the East and the West, integrating Christian beliefs and nursing practice as educator, clinician, mentor, and devoted public servant for over 30 years in the Philippines and USA.

Dr. Melba Padilla Maggay :

Dr. Melba Padilla Maggay

is a social anthropologist, award winning writer, sought-after international speaker, and consultant on culture and social development issues.

Dr. Junko Tashiro RN, PHN, MW, MA, PhD. :

Dr. Junko Tashiro RN, PHN, MW, MA, PhD.

Professor, Global Health Nursing St. Luke’s International University Professor, Specialty: Global Health Nursing, Public Health Nursing. Health Nursing

Dr Kamalini Kumar, RN, PhD :

Dr Kamalini Kumar, RN, PhD

 Retired Director of Clinical and Professional Development, Mercy Medical Center, Clinton, Iowa, USA, with 35 years of teaching experience in health care and the public sector.


Dr. Euisook Kim  RN, BS, MPH. MS, DNSc. :

Dr. Euisook Kim RN, BS, MPH. MS, DNSc.

Dr. Euisook Kim  RN, BS, MPH. MS, DNSc.  Emeritus Professor, Yonsei University College of Nursing, Seoul, Korea. former KNA president , ICN board and global consultant for health projects in countries such as Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Peru.


Congress Video

A video depicting highlights of the congress will be published here soon.