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Position Vacant

NCFI is currently seeking a person who can support and facilitate growth of the ministry of NCFI by serving as an Administrator.  This will be a paid position of 20 hours per week, with a wage commensurate to that of their own country for a similar role.

The role  offers an exciting opportunity for someone who would enjoy working in an international environment, serving and collaborating with regional and national NCFI leaders and nurses throughout the world. It will not require relocating to NCFI headquarters but may involve some travel to attend key events held by NCFI such as the World Congress in 2020.

The skills and experience required for the role are described below. Those wishing to apply must send a written application and CV  to NCFI before 30 June 2017.


Application for position of


What NCFI offers:

A 20 per hour per week position, working in an organisation that  serves and collaborates with regional and national NCFI leaders and nurses from all over the world.

Opportunity to be a part of an international organisation that is marked by unity in diversity through Christ and nursing.  Participation in  preparing for the quadrennial World Congress 2020, and the building up of the International Institute of Christian Nursing, in NCFI.


NCFI seeks a person who has experience in administration, and can support and facilitate growth of the ministry of NCFI through the following attributes and skills.

  • Takes initiative, can work independently, and is collaborative with member countries, NCFI Officers, and nurses from all over the world
  • Is reliable in communication, speaks and writes English well.
  • Can work systematically with records and managing databases
  • Assists with administrative aspects of special events such as courses and international conferences
  • Able to keep financial records and work with the Treasurer to produce regular financial reports
  • Preferably has some expertise and experience from health care and has some international exposure
  • Has computer skills in using Word, Excel, Skype and online storage. Can work/learn to work with PayPal, NCFI Facebook, NCFI website, and design of materials
  • Is in agreement with the NCFI Statement of Faith and adheres to NCFI policies.
  • Interested in a long term commitment, until at least 2020
  • Is willing to work on a contract as ‘self-employed’

Application process:

Please send your written application with a CV.  Application should include education, work experience, and information regarding computer skills, language skills, insight into health care, international exposure, motivation for the position, and faith, together with e-mail addresses of two reference persons to

Contact information:

If you want more information about the NCFI Administrator position, please contact the Tove Giske, the NCFI President at

Information about NCFI can be found in this website and our Facebook site.

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